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The C.P. company Jewelry was born in Vicenza in 1965, having as father Pietro Castegnaro, and the market of silver jewelry. The Sixties are the years of the economic blooming, and of great changes in tastes and lifestyles. The keyword is to keep up with the times, intercept trends and understand consumers needs; and the small but tenacious company from Vicenza has succeeded since the beginning. The catalog of its offers is gradually expanding, proposing to the market always new products, able to fascinate the “new consumers”. So if in the seventies he presented jewelery and bijoux fruit of the spirit of the time, in the following years he put on the catalog products of higher profile, gold jewels, diamonds, pearls: a trend that gradually became established and consolidated over time, to become the perfect style in the eighties, also thanks to the choice, at the time of innovation, to use different kinds of precious stones. From rubies to sapphires, from emeralds to aquamarine,

the curiosity of C.P. Jewels for new creative solutions brings the company to include jewelery with semi-precious metals and semi-precious stones in his proposals, anticipating a trend that will become a mainstream in later years.But that of C.P. Jewels is also a beautiful story of a happily successful generational transition; since 2000 Marco Castegnaro,son of the founder Pietro, has been pursuing the classic activities of the goldsmith company with managerial attitude, implementing the jewelery production process with research and innovation, using new technologies and new materials, also proposing innovative ways of approaching the Italian market.
A compelling challenge that sees the company, although small in size, among the excellent examples of Made in Italy, a reality with an artisan flavor but oriented to a future of courageous choices, to make the final consumer perceive the importance and added value of Italian jewelery, a quality product by definition, but also the result of a wise manufacture, enriched by technology and innovation. Always been the mission of CP jewels.

Vicenza city of art and gold

#Vicenza: an elegant town in the Veneto region of #Italy, between Venice and Verona. Credit: Adifly 👁‍🗨 www.visititaly.holiday

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